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Where we post updates about events, church activities etc. on a weekly basis.


  1.  MAY 2024 is Home and Family Month.

  2. For our Revival Service (May 10- MAY 12), Rev Dlamini from Basildon will be our guest. Check Events for more information.

  3. Mid Week Prayers is Thursday at 6:30pm, please be encouraged to attend.

  4. Youth Camp , form to register your interest+£10 deposit required deadline 24/05/24

  5. 25 May 24 There is a Region AGM- West midlands

  6. 8th June, Ladies Prayer Day in West Midlands

  7. 9 June 2024 Northern Region Joint Service in West Midlands

  8. 16 June Fathers Day

  9. 23 June Church Anniversary Guest speaker Rev C, Ncube

  10. Manchester BICC now live on Facebook

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